Articles by John Xia

  1. The Speed of News

    In college, I was fortunate enough to take a course on Sumerian literature from Christopher Woods. We learned, among other things, that in ancient Sumeria places that were far away were also somehow farther in the past. This is roughly similar to the correspondence between space and time which we ...

  2. Animusic

    This year for the Scavenger Hunt I mostly worked on this item:

    49. Bring us an Animusic-style instrument that plays itself. Once activated, it should perform, unaided, a composition of no less than 90 seconds. While your device may have electronic components, it must not produce electronic music. [175 points ...

  3. Ordered and Indetermined

    Another project for my Data and Algorithms in Art class was to make something "Ordered and Indetermined." This phrase was pretty much left up to interpretation. I made some animations in JavaScript - this was pretty much my introduction to the language. Screenshots follow.

    My first idea was to make a ...

  4. HvZ Catapult

    For my last game of Humans vs. Zombies I decided that I would utilize the least effective strategy possible. I optimized my weaponry for highest visibility, lowest mobility, and lowest zombie-killing ability.

    So, naturally, I went to the shop, found some scrap wood, and threw together a back-mounted catapult, powered ...

  5. Water Blob

    This quarter I am in Jason Salavon's Data and Algorithm in Art class. This is a group project I did with Clare Koury and Rebeca Carillo.

    We hooked up a PC fan to an Arduino and had it pulse briefly every couple seconds. The fan had a magnet attached ...

  6. Swingy Arm Thing

    I was in an art class last quarter, taught by Hannah Givler.

    This project is called "Module Matters". The prompt is to make a reproducible module that can be used as a building block or an integral part of a sculpture.

    Initially I was doing a bunch of research on ...

  7. Bamboo Bike

    In high school I built some bamboo bikes. The second one broke and I rebuilt it.

    Here are their stories.


    One day I was biking with my friend Chris. I said to him that we should build a bamboo bike in the summer. He said that that was ...

  8. Tensegrity

    One day I was reminiscing about my childhood and remembered seeing a cool sculpture made only with steel tubes and cable. A bit of Googling revealed that this was a tensegrity structure. Tensegrity is cool because it uses cables and rods to make a stiff structure without having the rods ...

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